The Salutation Upon The Best Of Creation by: Ahmad Ibn Ajiba Al Hasan


Author: Ahmad Ibn Ajiba Al Hasan
Publisher: Al-Madina Institute
Pages: 83
ISBN: 978-0990002642

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The edition before you presents Ibn ‘Ajiba s (1747-1809) commentary on the great gnostic Abd al-Sal m ibn Mash sh al- Alam s (1211 1294) celebrated salutation, or ta liyah, upon the Prophet of Islam. The salutation, commonly known as As-Salat al-Mashishiyah (“The Prayer of Ibn Mashish”), is a seminal piece of literature read throughout the Muslim world. Prayers upon the Prophet were initiated by God (Qur an 33:56), instructed by the Prophet himself, and dutifully carried out by illustrious generations since the Prophetic companions.