The tracing Qur’an, Juz 30 (Paperback)


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The Tracing Quran

This A4 workbook style portable paperback comes shrink-wrapped and is slightly lighter and more easily transportable than the Premium Hardback. Something for yourself or a special other, embossed in gold foil on the front cover and including 84 pages of high quality wood fibre paper, perfectly suited to tracing.

In this Series, pretty much anybody with the Enthusiasm to pick up a pen will be able to unearth the inner workings of the Quran and its deeper treasures. Through tracing the verses, they will gain the tools to appreciate the Our’an and its teachings in a lasting personal wav.

This is a stimulating journey, and its starting point tests on using the pen, the very instrument that Allah almighty SWT places centrally in His first Revelation to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH *Read: Your Lord is most Generous, He who taught by the pen (Taught man that which he knew not ” [Surah Al-Alaq 96.3-51) In using “The Tracing Quran’ methodology, we can give the pen its rightful position as a medium of peace and guidance

“The Tracing Our’an includes: A reminder of the importance of engaging with the Ouran The virtues of engaging with the Quran by way of tracing and writing.

An approach to tracing or writing the Quran. A tracing, writing & memorisation checklist.

A comprehensive translation alongside a word-for-word translation so that the enthusiast can gain an understanding of the Our an as they trace


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