The Way to Allah (swt) is Through Rasul Allah (saw) – Book 8 (Stairway to Heaven) by Manal Shehab


Author Manal Shehab
Publisher Sahara Publishing House
ISBN 9780987300171

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Manal Shehab’s Stairway to Heaven series and Zeynep Haydan’s colourful illustrations make perfect picture books for your Islamic library.

A collection of 8 cleverly written and stunningly illustrated board books. Each book with its own unique Islamic concept, guaranteed to engage and stimulate children of all ages.

The simple, yet concise rhyming text, coupled with beautiful glossy illustrations, highlight simple Islamic concepts. I encourage you to use these concepts as a platform to spend quality time with your children where you can open and expand their young, imaginative minds and hearts to the beauty of our deen – Islam