Two Pigeons On A Pilgrimage: A Hajj Story by: Rabia Bashir


Author: Rabia Bashir
Publisher: Bismillah Bees
Pages: 52
Format: PB
ISBN-10: 1913677052
ISBN-13: 9781913677053

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Follow two pigeons as they leave their nest and join millions of pilgrims performing Hajj.

Where will they go? What will they see? How will they feel?

The book is the perfect introduction to Hajj for Kids! It’s written in rhyme and goes in the order of steps Muslims take to perform Hajj.

The adorable illustrations have been done by 12 year old Aisha Dean, mashaAllah! It contains a Hajj diagram, 2 activities plus a child-friendly glossary of 40 Islamic/Arabic terms related to Hajj and Makkah.

Suitable for 3 years and upwards.


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