Wonderful Women Around the Prophet – The Clever Companions by:Sophia Lunal & Rumaysa Siday


Author: Sophia Lunal & Rumaysa Siday
Publisher: Kube Publishing
Recommended Ages: +4
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9781838329402

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The Clever Companions is an empowering look at the tales of three women who helped Islam to flourish.

The first in a series celebrating the achievements of the female companions of the Prophet, this book inspires young children ages 5-8 with relatable, real life role models and describes characteristics they can incorporate into their own lives. Featuring short stories, special facts, du’aas and opportunities for discussion, this book is a fun interactive learning experience, encouraging boys and girls to lead a spiritually rich life.

The book includes an introduction, and a short explanation of the salutations recited by Muslims upon the Prophet and companions. This is followed by stories of three companions, a conclusion and glossary of subject specific words.

The companions featured in the book are:

-Khansaa Bint Amr

-Aa’ishah Bint Abee Bakr

-Rumaysaa Bint Milhaan

Each companion has:

-A special facts section featuring a summary and key information about her

-Three short sub-sections which include stories

-A ‘Be more like her’ section, which include opportunities for discussion, application, and short du’as from the Sunnah.