Abrahams Children – Heather Stroud


name : Abraham’s Children

author : Heather Stroud

ISBN : 978-9839541823

publisher : The Other Press Sdn Bhd


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This is the story of Fida, who sets out on a journey to the Occupied Territories. It is not only a novel about tragedy, discovery and love; it is also a story that delves into the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Moving between England, the West Bank and Gaza, the unfolding events, while fictional, reveals an authentic reality that is based on actual events.

Fida is caught in the July 2005 London bombings. Scarred from her injuries, with no clear sense of why, she is drawn to Palestine. Her relationship with a Palestinian family deepens and she comes to appreciate and ingest the tremendous steadfastness and resilience of a nation in the face of ongoing military occupation.


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