Al Awrad ul Fathiyyah : Bilingual Version (Amir Kabir Sayyid Ali Hamdani)


ISBN: 9789830652924
Author: Amir Kabir Sayyid Ali Hamdani
Publisher: A.S. Noordeen (2009)
Pages: 123 Binding: Paperback

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Al Awrad ul Fathiyyah is from the compilations of the sage of the divine sciences Amir Sayyid Ali Hamdani – may Allah have mercy on him.

He stated that he had visited 440 saints and served them in order to benefit from their attention, and finally made a collection of whatever he had acquired from those eminent personages.

Al Awrad ul Fathiyyah is a highly effective prayer collection for spiritual and temporal objectives, and is certainly not lessor in rank and efficacy than other blessed prayer collections like the renowned :Hizb-ul-Bahr” and :Dala’il-ul-Khayrat.”