And the Sky is not the Limit: An Australian Woman’s Spiritual Journey Within the Traditions (Amatullah Armstrong)


ISBN: 9690017306
Author: Amatullah Armstrong
Publisher: A S Noordeen (Malaysia)
Pages: 169 Binding: Paperback

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From the Forward: “Each person’s journey through life is unique. Each has a different story to tell. My journey took me through the hippie generation, the national and international art scenes, much travelling and living abroad-until I reached the one true journey- the journey within myself to the Source of all Life-Allah. Sometimes, in hearing or reading about another person’s experiences or goals or desires or needs, we may learn something which will assist us in our own search. An idea expressed or an experience recounted may lift a corner of the veil for us. We might about-face to a fresh new goal or turn our steering-wheel a little closer on-course or push-on to our original goal with renewed hope and strength. Reading played an integral part in my initial journey towards Islam when I was searching for the true direction. I then kept reading as I searched for the inner teachings of Islam. And now, within the Traditions, my reading continues. Perhaps in these pages the reader will encounter a few words which will encourage him or her in their own personal journey. It is my hope that someone may benefit from my story. It is said that every aspirant will find a true guide if he deserves one. For myself, when the need for such a guide reached a point of the utmost urgency I found my Teacher standing right there in front of me.”