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Angels in Your Presence by: Omar Suleiman (Paperback)


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Publisher name: Kube Publishers
ISBN number: 9781847741509 – ISBN (POD) 978-1-7764044-07-7
Author name: Omar Suleiman
Format- Hardback

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Throughout your existence, there are angels in your presence. But it’s your actions that cause those angels to either praise you or disgrace you. Through this book, we will explore the actions that invite these blessed unseen beings to pray upon you, and carry your name and mention to the One who created us all.

1 review for Angels in Your Presence by: Omar Suleiman (Paperback)

  1. nafeesa seedat

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. It was incredibly well written and educational, and I discovered a ton of fascinating information that I never knew.

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