Arabic With Husna (Book 1) by Nouman Ali Khan


Publisher name : Bayyinah
ISBN number : 978-0986275012
Author name :Nouman Ali Khan
Format/binding:  paper back
Pages :195

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Arabic With Husna is a first of its kind, comprehensive Qur’anic Arabic curriculum that leverages best teaching practices based on experience with thousands of students, enhanced study materials designed to optimize student learning and most importantly video resources in order to ensure a rich, engaging, meticulously organized and result driven learning experience for children and adults alike. This curriculum was put together by a team of educators in collaboration with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan at the Bayyinah Institute. At the end of the books, a student will be able to describe in detail the meaning and properties of each Ism, each fragment and each Fi’l in the first ten ayaat of Surah Kahf.


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