Black Seed Oil (High Volatile Oil Content) Premium Strength 100 ml



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An age old remedy known for the strengthening of the immune system; can aid and assist with HIV, Cancer, Autoimmune disease (over 100 illnesses come under this banner from type 1 diabetes to multiple sclerosis). Constipation, boosting energy and many other health and beauty benefits, the list goes on and on; across the board Sunna Trading Blackseed Oil can do wonders for your health.

Below are some noted benefits of blackseed oil that have been founded; of course we make no wild claims, but rather just mention of what blackseed oil can potentially help in assistance of:

  • Lipid lowering – towards making the lipid profile healthier.
  • Insulin – sensitizer  – affecting the secretion of insulin. Very few things can impact the pancreas.
  • Interferon booster – it can stimulate the production of interferon which boosts immunity against pathogens.
  • Antispasmodic – Can help in relieving involuntary spasms of the respiratory tract, thus providing relief in asthma and other kinds of cough.
  • Anti-convulsive – towards calming seizures
  • Anti- Rheumatic – towards providing relief from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Anti-inflammatory – black seed oil is strongly anti-inflammatory.
  • Anti-allergic – it has been found that black seed oil can suppress food allergies.
  • Anti-diabetes – it has blood glucose lowering effect.
  • Anti-cancer – the chief anti-cancer compound is thymoquinone.
  • Hypotensive – its volatile oils aid in managing blood pressure.
  • Anti-tumor or antineoplastic
  • Radioprotective – towards safeguarding our cells from the harmful effects of damaging radiation.
  • Hepatoprotective – within safe limits, it helps protect the liver.
  • Renoprotective – black seed oil also exerts a protective effect on the kidneys.
  • Apoptosis Induction – has been identified help to program potentially harmful cells to die automatically.
  • Immunomodularity – helps keep the immune system at a balance.
  • Analgesic – pain reliever.
  • Antipyretic – alleviates fever.
  • Antibacterial – kills many bacteria strains, even the most antibiotic resistant ones like MRSA.
  • Antiviral – can kill viruses
  • Antifungal – easily kills many fungi
  • Galactagogue – promotes lactation.
  • Adjuvant – modifies the effect of other therapeutic agents.
  • Bronchodilator – aids dilation of air passages.
  • Laxative – promotes timely bowel movement.
  • Antioxidant – protects from free radicals.


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