Burcu – Set (5 Books) by: Nursen Sirin


Publisher: Timas Kids
Author: Nursen Sirin
ISBN: 978-605-08-1403-3
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 160
Age Group: 4-7

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Burcu lives with her mom, dad, her brother Alper and her lovely bird Giggles. Burcu is a curious and sometimes mischievous girl, but she is also very cute. Burcu and her brother Alper’s adventures will surely entertain any child. The more important side is that children will learn about life through these adventures. In each book Burcu confronts a different hardship. Sometimes no one wants to play with her, sometimes she wonders “What’s The Use of Being Mad?”, “Why Can’t I Have My way?”, “Why Listen to my Parents?” or “Whose Job is it to Pick up my Toys?”.