Selim – SET (5 BOOKS) by: Mustafa Orakci


Publisher: Timas Kids
Author: Mustafa Orakci
ISBN: 978-605-08-1489-7
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 480
Age Group: 9-11

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There is never a dull moment in Selim’s mad-cap adventures. Selim is a 4th grader who is very clever, but like some children, he has a mind for mischief. He brings a frog to class, and tells all his friends to do the same! He and his friends try to dig their way to China in order to write a report on the country. He even bravely explores cemeteries and spooky old houses! Does he do it alone? Of course not! His naughty little brother and his loyal band of friends accompany him on all of his adventures. Are you ready to have fun with them?