Eliyas Explains: Miracles by: Zanib Mian


Author: Zanib Mian
Format: Paperback
Age: 6-12
Number of Pages: 84

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“Eliyas Explains: Miracles” by award winning author Zanib Mian is a fun book that helps curious elementary age children learn about Miracles.

‘I’m Eliyas. I’m really good at explaining things my adults told me about, which is handy for you if you’re curious about miracles. My family is kind of wacky, you’ll hear lots about them too, and the funny things that happen to us, but mostly about angels.

Some things children can find out about miracles when they read this book :

  • Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
  • Why the Qur’an is a miracle
  • Miracles of others prophets (as)
  • How people reacted to miracles
  • And lots more!