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Islam an Introduction By: Tariq Ramadan
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Experience the Flow by Jasmine Khan


Author name: Jasmine Khan

Format  :paper back

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This book is about “spring cleaning your heart” as part of clearing out the emotional blockages. While dealing with negative emotions, a ten day emotional detox plan is necessary to reclaim one’s true self. She says: “All feelings are normal. However, the behaviour as a result of those feelings is not always acceptable”. Anyone can follow this detox plan to experience the flow of inner transformation while getting rid of feelings of regret, guilt, doubt, fear, confusion, frustration, disappointment, being envious, anger and feelings of loneliness. Reasoning in this philosophical book is making one conscious of oneself and one’s surroundings while using affirmations (positive statements), inspirational quotes and practical steps to “pause and reflect” which is written throughout the book. She offers tips on meditation to make you aware of your senses and learning how to appreciate life and all its challenges.

In chapter eight she points out the difference between joy and happiness. These two are distinct emotional responses. Joy is the emotional response to spiritual inspiration while happiness is only a mental or emotional response to external stimuli. Joy is accepting that you are a creation of God and a grateful feeling of being alive and loved unconditionally while happiness is short lived because it relies on things outside of us like material gains and perfect relationships.

Debut author Jasmin Khan, a Muslim and grandmother of five has the ability to speak from the heart straight to the heart in the context of Islam. The book is an awareness for readers of any religion to stop and ponder about one’s purpose in life whether teenager, parent or pensioner. Experience the flow is a great way to reflect and find inner peace and tranquillity every night after the hustle and bustle of work, running a household and raising children. It prepares one to live consciously. It is a book small enough to tuck into your handbag and making it easily accessible to take a sneak peak during the day to remind us to always look “within” in order to connect with the outside world


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