Falling In Love With Muhammad (SAW) by Rehana Shah-Bulbulia


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Muhammad (SAW)’s life is covered in many books, but they tend to read as either as academic treatises or textbooks; while these appeal to those wishing to study the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from an academic perspective, they don’t always capture the broader audience and are not usually an easy read.

This book on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), with short, concise chapters, manages to give us a wonderful sense of the Muhammad (SAW) as a man of the people. Using contemporary phrases that are sure to resonate with a youthful audience, sister Rehana draws us into the life of Muhammad (SAW) in a most unique way. Each short chapter provides something of a ‘snapshot’ of different events in Muhammad (SAW)’s life. Falling in Love with Muhammad (SAW) straddles a delicate balance as it is not quite a novel and not quite an academic treatise.