Living Where We Dont Make The Rules by Ebrahim Rasool


Author: Ebrahim Rasool
Publisher: Claritas
Format:  paperback
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9781905837311

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This work operates from the premise that today, 90 percent of countries worldwide have significant minorities that constitute at least ten percent of their populations. One in four Muslims lives in minority situations in almost every part of the world. Some have assimilated and forfeited their practices and identities in order to ‘belong’ while others have isolated themselves with others who share their language, national origin, culture or religion. But there are also Muslims who have been able to manage both their Islamic identity and other elements of identity that come with their new places of residence.

Living Where We Don’t Make the Rules is a guide that in pursuing the third option — balances theoretical rigour with practical direction. It includes the lived experience of those on the forefront of living as minorities, but also the scholarship of those who apply the synthesis of Islam’s timeless values, norms and principles, with the exigencies of the frontiers where Muslims find themselves in. It provides leadership that can guide everyday life, manage our faith, direct partnerships with fellow citizens and campaigns for inclusivity.


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