How Do You Memorise The Glorious Quran by: Yahya Gawthani


Author: Yahya Gawthani
Publisher: Claritas
Format: paperback
Pages: 88

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Out of all of the questions Shaykh Yahya al-Gawthani is asked, there is one that he is asked more often than others: “How do I memorise the Quran?” In this treatise, al-Gawthani answers this question, telling the would-be memoriser everything they need to know about committing the Holy Quran to memory.

Shaykh al-Gawthani shares his years of experience, offering advice for new and experienced memorisers alike. This little book includes background information on aqeedah and fiqh issues related to Quran memorisation, basic principles of how to get started and more than twenty fully-detailed methods for the actual work of memorisation.

The shaykh’s list is exhaustive, including methods that use technology and methods used in different parts of the Muslim world, such as Uzbekistan and Turkey.

Not just for the first-time memoriser of the Quran, this book also contains detailed advice for those who have successfully completed their memorisation, including an entire section outlining numerous methods for revision.

Comprehensive but reader-friendly, How Do You Memorise the Glorious Quran is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to memorise the Quran.