Men Around the Prophet by: Khalid Muhammad Khalid


Author: Khalid Muhammad Khalid
Publisher: Claritas
Format: paperback
Pages: 470
ISBN: 1-905837–65-8

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The generation of men who accepted Islam with the Prophet were seekers of truth. They stood by him through unimaginable difficulties to give human civilisation a new and dignified way of life. They were revolutionaries at a time when humankind was craving for liberation. Men Around the Prophet contains stories of these heroic men.

This comprehensive volume includes the stories of sixty of the most important and influential Companions of the Prophet: men who lived and worked beside him to create the legacy that we encounter today. The stories are preceded by a short and inspiring biography of the Last Prophet, highlighting his virtues and his sacrifices.

These biographical snapshots emphasise the strength and faith of these men — an inspiring read for all Muslims.


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