Ibrahim khan and the mystery of the roaring lion by Farheen Khan


Publisher name : the Islamic foundation
ISBN number :   978-0860374237
Author name : Farheen Khan
Ages : 7 – 10 years
pages: 64
Format:  paper back

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Tree forts, maple trees – and roaring lions? When their classmate Yusuf hears ferocious roaring lions and creepy laughing hyenas in his backyard, he calls the best detectives he knows, Ibrahim and Zayn Khan! With the help of their trusty brown sack, they search for clues and bit by bit piece together this extraordinary mystery. Join the 3rd grade detective duo as they solve the thrilling case of The Roaring Lion!

It was almost midnight when Ibrahim first heard the sounds of hyenas in the backyard and they were laughing! He quietly slipped out of his sleeping bag and peered into the yard. Less than a minute later he heard a loud thunderous roar! He grabbed his binoculars and held them against the window. There was definitely something out there, something big!


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