In The Embrace of Islam by Rehana Shah Bulbulia


Author: Rehana Shah Bulbulia
Publisher: RSB Publications
Format:  paperback
Pages: 178
ISBN: 9780620868242

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Reading and researching the various Seerah books and biographies as well as the lives of the illustrious Sahabah ڕ, it has always been the trajectories of reverts that has captivated me, from Umar ibn Khattaab ڕ and Hamza bin Abu Taalib ڕ , to Zinneerah ڕ and Safiyyah bint Huyyay ڕ, to every revert I have read about, encountered or interviewed. Thus writing this series and interviewing over sixty revert Muslims for The Muslim Woman Magazine over the past fifteen years, as well as basing my Masters Dissertation on this topic: Conversion to Islam in An Islamophobic Age: An Exploration of Individual Narratives, has left me and continues to leave me deeply inspired and even more grateful and appreciative of my Eemaan, being Muslim and finding my comfort in the embrace of Islam. This book is about sharing that inspiration with you.