Judgement Day: Deeds That Light the Way by: Omar Suleiman


Author: Omar Suleiman
Publisher: Kueb Publishing
Format: Hardback
Pages:  260
ISBN: 978-1847741974

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In every moment of the day of Judgment, from the moment you rise from their grave to when you take your place in the assembly. From when you are brought forth to be held accountable by your Lord, to when you are taken to the scale for the scrolls to be weighed, from when you prepare to cross the bridge to your anticipated arrival at the gates of Paradise. There are good deeds that You have sent forth that will come to your aid. Deeds that will take you by your hand and testify on your behalf, that will settle your feet and shade you from the scorching heat. That will light your way in the darkness and guide you to the abode of eternal delight. So do not ask your Lord when the day of Judgment will be, but ask yourself what deeds have you prepared for that day


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