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Our new take on the Quran journal you all know and love Alhumdulillah.

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Alhamdulillah the new and improved “Me And My Qur’an” Journal by @SouthAfricanMuslimah is here!

Qur’an Journaling is a simple and fun way of developing an intimate connection with the Qur’an. It consists of reading a verse of the Qur’an with its translation and commentary, then recording your findings by reflecting on what it means to you personally and how you can apply it to your daily life.

In conjunction with @baitulhikmahza, and with beautiful calligraphy by @myqalam_calligraphy, we are so excited to launch the second edition of our popular Qur’an journal. While the content may be same, the style of our new version is all grown up.

The intention is to make it as easy and affordable as possible to start Qur’an Journaling today. Don’t be daunted by the perfectly curated pictures you see- anyone can do it.

*This hard-covered 200+ page A5 lined journal is bound in high quality linen, and is made using the finest paper.
*It contains all the motivation and guidance you need to begin your Qur’an Journaling journey, a template on how to journal 40 verses, and the most beautiful calligraphy to inspire you.

At just R270, this is the most perfect gift you can give yourself or a loved one.

Locally authored and published.

Please note the journal may have a white or gold ribbon.

3 reviews for Me And My Quran Journal

  1. Humairaa Ismail

    It is the best journal that I have read and I love it so much that I read it everyday.
    It really helps me since I am a haafidha.

  2. Humairaa Ismail

    It is the best journal that I have read and I love it since it helps me as I’m a haafidha so it really is a great investment.

  3. Sumayyah Habib

    The last 2 yrs since covid has been extremely difficult for my family and my relationship with Allah has been the strongest, the closest and the best in this 2 years.Alhamdulillah. This Journal has been the best gift i could recieve as there are so many quotes and ayats that were so beneficial to me.. there were days of joy and sadness. There were moments of uncertainty and then moments of positivity. There were the best moments between Allah and myself.. at my age it is so easy to forget them.. i have entered my favourite duas, daily duas, the ones that have been my saviour duas during our trying times and most of all my feelings have been expressed in this Journal. These Journals are very close to my heart and whatever has been entered will be passed onto my kids inshaAllah.. for reflection and for them to practice upon these duas as well but most importantly it is a reminder to me to always reflect on things big and small in my life, and it reminds me that moving towards gratitude and contentment throughout life is a journey and through that we can reach our final destination..

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