Me and My Ramadaan Journal



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Published by Baitul Hikmah


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Alhumdulillah! @southafricanmuslimah and @baitulhikmahza are pleased to announce the release of “Me and My Ramadaan,” the latest journal in our collection. It is a beautiful accompaniment to the set, which includes “Me and My Du’as” and “Me and My Qur’an.”

Every year millions of Muslims welcome the month of Ramadaan and increase their daily worship. We joyfully bask in the glow and tranquility of the month yet somehow we cannot sustain this spiritual momentum out of Ramadaan. We follow the same routine which give us a spiritual high but is not sustainable. This is because we do not make significant internal shifts within our souls. Truly connecting with our internal self and Allah Almighty is what motivates us to maintain a deep level of worship.

With this in mind, “Me and My Ramadaan” is a clear and concise system that aims to make Ramadaan 2023 your best one for sustainable spiritual growth. The objective of the journal is to help you connect with your internal self and Allah Almighty so that you can build habits that you can carry out of Ramadaan. It gives you the tools you need to build a spiritually uplifting life, one day at a time.

“Me & My Ramadaan” will teach you how to:
• Identify what it means to live righteously and plan your life accordingly.
• Practice deep self-reflection, which is the basis for spiritual growth for “He who knows himself knows his Lord.” (Hilyat al-Awliya)
• Kick-start your journey to increasing your spiritual knowledge in and out of Ramadaan.

This elegantly appointed journal includes:

*Virtues of Ramadaan
This section is an exploration of the significance of the month to shift your mindset and prepare you for deep spiritual growth during Ramadaan.

*Goals, To-Do List & Month Planner
These sections guide you through planning for Ramadaan and give you space to write down your short-term and long-term goals.

*Ramadaan & Personal Du’as
This section will refresh the
Du’as you need to know for Ramadaan and give you a space to write down your personal Du’as for those precious moments of acceptance.

*A 30-Day Action Plan
In this section, there is a short, daily lesson based on the teachings of spiritual masters like Imam al Haddad. Each day, the lesson focuses on a specific topic, like the etiquette of calling upon Allah Almighty, prayer, patience, and contentment The formulae that we have used for the 30-Day Action Plan is lesson, reflect, implement. This adds value to “Me and My Ramadaan” which sets it apart from other Ramadaan journals. The lesson is intended to propel spiritual growth, while the reflection and gratitude prompts encourage you to write down your thoughts and let the lesson sink in. The spaces provided for keeping track of your intentions, your worship, and your goals are there to help you implement your learning.

*Laylatul Qadr
This section will help you prepare for the Night of Power with clear guidelines on how to maximize your time. There is a space provided to write down a detailed plan for the night.

*Post-Ramadaan Plan
This section has reflection prompts so you can evaluate your Ramadaan and set goals for after Ramadaan. It includes a brief section on the Sunnah acts of Eid.

The “Me & My Ramadaan” journal
• Is an undated A5 book, printed in hardcover and elegantly bound in high-quality linen.
• Contains over 150 pages of the finest paper with& a ribbon bookmark.