Muhammad In The Hindu Scriptures by: Dr. Ved Prakash Upaddhay


Sixth Edition
​By Dr. Ved Prakash Upaddhay
Translated By Muhammad Alamgir
Paperback 147 Pages
ISBN : 9789830651156
Publisher : A.S Noordeen (ASN), Malaysia

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God is One. Human nature is one. Human destiny is one. And God’s message to humanity vis-a-vis that destiny is one. However, the rebellious element in man’s nature has led him to disobey God on the one hand, and on the other, he has pushed on to distort the very message of God. But the message is never fully lost. It would be ludicrous and indeed heretical to think that the situation could have gone out of God’s control.

With every distortion, therefore, He has renewed the message to salvage humanity from self-ruin. More interesting than that is the fact that He has inserted in every message a Pointer to the Final Guide and the message he would be entrusted with; a Pointer which shows the true seeker where the uncorrupted message could be found – the message that no one would be able to distort any more. While the main body of the message has been corrupted, the Pointer contained within has not been destroyed. Muhammad in the Hindu Scriptures brings out the truth of this phenomenon.

In addition to the Vedas and the Puranas, the book has unearthed this Pointer in the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and other Hindu scriptures. Each of these scriptures uses its own unique Pointer relevant to its own theological scheme and the religious mentality of its own people. Separately and jointly these Pointers lit up the road to Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) exclusively, without any iota of doubt.

By all accounts the Final Guru has been sent and the Last Testament is in our laps. Additionally, the existence of these Pointers in the earlier scriptures is yet another dimension of God’s mechanism to guide mankind to the infallible Truth. Upon reading the book, the theist, the atheist and the agnostic will find a lot to think about.