The Life and Times of Imam Essa Al-Seppe: By Suleman Dangor


  • Publisher:  Digniti
  • Language: English
  • Format: paperback ‏
  • Pages: 162
  • ISBN13: 9780796109613

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The University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban is home to Emeritus Professor Suleman Dangor.

The life story of Imam Esa Al-Seppe, an unsung hero, has remained untold since his death in 2002. This book captures the Imam’s fascinating journey through life as an orator, critic, writer, organisational planner, and da’i. His thirst for knowledge is manifested in his many qualifications and awards, by a number of non-governmental organisations by which he was employed. While Imam Essa is popularly known as a da °, he was involved in multifaceted activities throughout his life. He was a severe critic of the government’s apartheid policies, racism, and the Western media, though he was often interviewed by local media about diverse issues relating to Muslims in South Africa.
Born in a modest home and brought up in a multifaith and multiracial society in the former East Rand, Imam Essa rose to become the leader of several organisations. His collection of documents includes correspondence with Muslims in leadership positions globally. The list of his unpublished works reveals the breadth of his knowledge of Islam. It is only through reading this seminal work on Imam Essa that one begins to appreciate the life of a man who lived to serve humanity despite his straitened circumstances. This book is a must for readers who are interested in the life experiences of unheralded personalities such as Imam Essa Al-Seppe.



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