Nisa Qamar and the Rainbow Healers’ Society by: Shafinaaz Hassim


Author:  Shafinaaz Hassim
Publisher: Wordflute Press International
Recommended Ages: 10 – 13
Format: Paperback
Pages: 213
ISBN: 9780620807296

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Nisa Qamar is 11 year old, and she loves ice cream and books. She has a new spring in her step for the new school year. She lives in Johannesburg with her mum, Zainab, her sister Aisha and twin brothers, Isa and Ali.

Nisa loves her school more now that the mystery of the troublemaker has been solved. Everyone knows her as the brave young person who saved the Iqra Academy of Excellence from the Master of Jinniaville.

There’s a new adventure around every corner, and just when she thinks it’s going to be a peaceful year, she catches her younger sister Aisha acting very strangely. Will Nisa ever figure her out?

At a netball tournament, Nisa makes new friend, Jihan, who introduces her to the Rainbow Healers’ Society where she meets new friends. She enters into a whole new world of secret teachings and together, they find hope for the children of Jozi. Now if only she could figure out what’s up with her younger sister, Aisha…