Our Ride Through Ramadaan by Shaa’ista Moorad Jogee


ISBN 978-1-7764044-6-9

Recommended ages: 5-11 years

69 pages

Spiral bound

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Join Umar and Fatima on an amazing ride through the magical month of Ramadaan, on their special flying-horse, Buraaq. They are going to help you on your quest to collect as many JANNAH STARS as you can!

“Our Ride through Ramadaan” is lovingly created by the same team who brought you the best-selling children’s book “Our Journey to Jannah.” Author Shaa’ista Moorad Jogee and illustrator Sashkia Balla have put together an interactive journal designed to get your child excited about Ramadaan.

“Our Ride through Ramadaan” uses Quran and Hadith to evoke soul-enriching ideas of Jannah, Ramadaan, the power of Dua, Laylatul Qadr and Eid. The journal pairs a sweet narrative and simple language with illustrations that will delight your child.

Kids will be motivated to be consistent in their good deeds through a daily journal entry and collecting Jannah Stars.

The purpose of the journal is to inspire meaningful development in your child’s character that will continue long after Ramadaan is over, Insha Alah.