The Adventures of Haroon and Zakariya: Let’s Build A Masjid by: Mymoena Mooradd


Author: Mymoena Mooradd
Publisher: Mymoena Mooradd
Recommended Ages: 3+
Format:  paperback
Pages: 9
ISBN: 9780620962742
Proudly South African

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Brothers Haroon and Zakariya showcase their love for the Masjid by building one in their home. They learn about the importance of praying congregation and display this action in a fun and meaningful way.

Mymoena Mooradd is a busy working mom of two boys; Haroon & Zakariya, living in Cape Town.  Currently, a business owner of Muslims in Biz, studying her full-time Masters in Marketing and part-time Islamic Studies. Inspired by her sons, Mymoena was blessed with the opportunity to write a book which introduces the love & awareness of Allah through child’s play. She says “children are a gift to us and it’s our responsibility to grow their love for Allah in a natural way”