The Adventures of Haroon and Zakariya: Lets Race by: Mymoena Mooradd


Author: Mymoena Mooradd
Publisher: Mymoena Mooradd
Recommended Ages: 3+
Format: paperback
Pages: 9
ISBN: 9780620869201

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Experience the love for play combined with the remembrance of Allah (Glorious and Exalted Is He) and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings upon him) through the eyes of two brothers.

Mymoena Mooradd is a busy working mom of two boys; Haroon & Zakariya, living in Cape Town.  Currently, a business owner of Muslims in Biz, studying her full-time Masters in Marketing and part-time Islamic Studies. Inspired by her sons, Mymoena was blessed with the opportunity to write a book which introduces the love & awareness of Allah through child’s play. She says “children are a gift to us and it’s our responsibility to grow their love for Allah in a natural way”