The Qur’an: A Translation for the 21st Century / PB


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The Qur’an is God’s book, and He says that it sets things in clear and easy to understand language. Its rule throughout is brevity of expression and breadth of meaning. Yet, its literary excellence is far superior to anything Arabic has ever known.

Millions of people have learned its entirety by heart throughout every generation since it was first revealed. Nearly every Muslim memorises parts of it, and most recite a portion of it every day. No book, religious or otherwise, is read and recited or listened to as frequently as the Qur’an. Those who recite it in Arabic are always eager to do more, aware of its inimitable clarity, rhythm and brevity, yet modern English readers have had limited access to its meanings, with most reliant upon translations prepared in archaic English, unappealing to the contemporary reader.

Adil Salahi’s translation attempts to put the meanings of the Qur’an in clear modern English, making it easier for the twenty-first century reader to gather the full message of the Qur’an, without having to read numerous footnotes or resort to books of commentary.


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