The Rohingya Crises A People Facing Extinction by Muhammad Abdul Bari


Publisher name : Kube Publishing Ltd
ISBN number : 978-1847741240
Author name:  Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari
Format: Paper back
Pages : 104

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Widely-known as the world’s most persecuted minority group, the Rohingya in Myanmar are now facing extinction. Denied citizenship rights, denied their very ethnic identity, hundreds of thousands have fled Rakhine State inMyanmar over the border into Bangladesh, where they face squalid conditions.

Many have witnessed death, mutilation and rape, as well as whole villages, what they called home, burning to ashes.Leading British Muslim fi gure Muhammad Abdul Bari has no doubt that what the Rohingya have been subject to, is genocide.

In this concise but powerfully argued book, he brings to light the scale and barbarity of their suff ering and argues that the international community, through the UN, must ensure their full repatriation with full citizen rights to their homeland.


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