With the Noble Qur’an By: Shaykh Mahmud Khalil al-Husary


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The beauty of this book ‘With the Noble Qur’an’ is in the author’s comprehensive compilation of Qur’anic verses, prophetic hadiths, and opinions of the traditional scholars on some of the main discussions surrounding the Qur’an. In ten chapters, he effectively covers the superiority of the Qur’an, the etiquette, rewards, and virtues of listening, reciting, and memorising it, the correct method of recitation, the ruling of using melody and of crying out of the fear of Allah, and the warning against forgetting the Qur’an, along with a satisfying discussion on its seven variant readings.
It is difficult to emphasise how inspirational and valuable this book is for a lover of the Qur’an, a hafiz, and for anyone to whom we may want to explain the greatness of the Qur’an.