Darlings of Durban by: Shafinaaz Hassim


ISBN: 9780795710964

Publisher: Kwela

Format: Paperback

Pages:  208

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Natasha is the owner of a successful beauty company and is in a long-term relationship with the charming Sizwe. However, she has no interest in marriage or in becoming a traditional makoti. She has it all figured out. Until a fateful encounter with a handsome stranger . . .
When Natasha makes an impulsive decision, she has to navigate the unfamiliar complexities of love, life and desire. She turns to the ‘Darlings’ WhatsApp group for advice; these women are her lifeline. There’s Sofia who seems to have it all, while the cousins, Farhana and Razia, both find themselves in complicated marriages.
But whatever life throws their way, these darlings always have one another’s backs.