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Among the most recommended acts of worship in Ramadan and the last ten days, in particular, is charity. This year Baitul Hikmah is partnering with SANZAF Gauteng to provide children, youth, and future leaders in three communities with a brand new library of books. Our request to our Instagram friends and family is that each one of you donates a new book to this cause with the intention sadaqah jaariyah.

For children and youth in these communities, books are often out of reach and we know that reading is not only an important “skill” to keep up, but that books are needed as a source of inspiration, learning, and fun. The three communities in Kwa Thema, Newlands, and Mayfair form part of SANZAF’s community empowerment programming. SANZAF works with leaders in these communities to provide sustainable and long-term support to all community members. This means that SANZAF supports education, leadership, entrepreneurship, agriculture, overall wellness and other ad-hoc support, assisting individuals to embark on their own development paths.

Baitul Hikmah is partnering with SANZAF to help fill the reading gap —but we need your help to do so! Our intention is to provide each community with approximately 100 books on various subjects. Children and youth at the centers will then be able to borrow and benefit from the books on a rotational basis.

You can donate through our website or drop off a NEW book at our bookshop (222 Kenwilworth Road, Overport, Durban) or at SANZAF’s offices in Jhb (39 Mint Rd, Fordsburg, Johannesburg). 


The Kwa Thema Multi-purpose Community Centre on the East Rand endeavours to provide educational, recreational, vocational, and spiritual services to the community. The facility currently houses a masjid, madrassa, recreational space for children and youth, preschool, community hall, seedling house, and food garden. Approximately 50 children and youth attend the centre on a weekly basis.

The Abu Baker Siddiq Madrassa in Mayfair offers Islamic education to 200 youth (6-15 years) from primarily disadvantaged backgrounds. The Madrassa also offers social welfare services including a feeding scheme for learners, a community soup kitchen, youth leadership training, and a sewing school for unemployed women.

The Newlands Madresa has 121 students. All the students come from impoverished areas in and around Newlands. The institute offers free transport to and from the Madresa and students are provided with hot fresh meals twice a week. In addition to the Madresa, the institute runs a youth leadership programme and an entrepreneurship training programme on a weekly basis.

By contributing, you will not only be putting books into the hands of these children and youth but also be earning sadaqah Jaariyah.

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