Life Of The Prophet In Makkah – Zakaria Bashier


Publisher name: The Islamic Foundation
ISBN number: 9780860373919
Author name: Zakaria Bashier
Format – paper back

Pages: 240

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Based on original Arabic sources and modern writings on the Sirah, it is a powerful restatement of the Makkan life of the Prophet and a searching analysis of the Jahiliyyah environment in which the blessings on Islam produced a generation of people who not only became the finest embodiment of human conduct but typified the highest virtue of faith and endurance.

The author has not only breathed a new freshness into the subject but has focused on the sira in the context of the prophet’s mission as reflected in the Qur’an.
The focus moves beautifully and meaningfully from man to mission, from individual to movement, from past to present and the future, from chronicle of events to ethos of society and history.

In paying homage and showing reverence to the Prophet some authors have exceeded proper limits while others have not been able to adequately highlight the multi-dimensional aspects of the Prophetic life. Dr. Zakaria Bashier however has succeeded in striking a balance and presenting in the book a graphic and inspiring picture of the sirah of the Prophet.


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