QURAN BUDS PRO Quran Buds Pro – Wireless EarBuds with Full Quran by Quran Cube


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  • Audio Speed can be adjusted faster or slower.
  • Bookmark audio to save progress and get back to a certain point of the Quran faster.
  • Voice recorder
  • Repeat function
  • Choose a specific page of the Quran
  • Can be updated by yourself, adding extra recitors etc
  • Can be used in a car which has USB support
  • QuranBuds Case Charging time: 2.5hrs.
  • QuranBuds Case Playing time: 10.5 hrs (Audio playback + EarBuds connected by Bluetooth)
  • Earbuds Charging Time (In Case) : 1 hour
  • Earbuds Playing time: 4 hours
  • EarBuds Charging From One Full Charge Of Case  : 4 times.

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Wireless EarBuds with Full Quran Built in ( And Other content)

Can be used as Normal Wireless EarBuds too, by Bluetooth

All The Content Below Will Be Included On ALL Our Quran Buds : 

Full Qurans

01 Sheikh Mahir Al Muaiqly

02 Sheikh Sudais

03 Sheikh Shuraim

04 Sheikh Yasser Al Dossary

05 Sheikh Abdullah Juhany

06 Sheikh Salah Al Budair

07 Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmy

08 Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri

09 Sheikh Saad Al Ghamdi

10 Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Oosi

11 Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy

12 Sheikh Bandar Baleela

13 Sheikh Hudhaify

14 Sheikh Buayjaan


Selected Surahs (Not Full Quran)

15 Mufti Menk

16 Qari Ziyaad Patel

17 Fatih Seferagic

18 Hazza Al Balushi

19 Ismail An Nurri

20 Omar Hisham Al Arabi


Quran Translations – Full Quran

21 English – Mishary Al Afasy

22 Urdu – Sheikh Sudais


23 Quran Memorisation (Hifz Mode) – Full Quran

Hifz – 13 Line Pages – Saad Al Ghamdi

Hifz – 15 Line Pages – Sheikh Shatri

Hifz – Quarters of Juz – Sheikh Dossary


Other Content

24 Quran Tafseer – Mufti Menk

25 Seerah – Mufti Menk

26 Prophets Stories – Mufti Menk

27 Hadith – Imam Nawawi 40 Hadith (English)

28 Hadith – Riyadh us Saliheen (English)

29 Adhan

30 Nasheeds (Arabic – Eng – Urdu)

1 review for QURAN BUDS PRO Quran Buds Pro – Wireless EarBuds with Full Quran by Quran Cube

  1. Farzana

    Wonderful Product to have, perfect and easy to plug in anytime anywhere and listen to the beautiful quran recitation by different readers. Perfect for kids who are studying Hifz or wanting to learn the quran.

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