Rashid and the Haupmann Diamond by Hasan Radwan


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Publisher name: The Islamic Foundation
ISBN number : 978-0860373575
Author name : Hassan Radwan
Format: paper back
Pages : 112

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Rashid and his friends Gary and Chris witness a robbery at Miss Wilson’s house, but the police find no evidence of a break-in. The boys’ investigation leads them to the death of a Royal Air Force pilot during the Battle of Britain and an old map marking the location of a precious diamond. They also discover, however, that they are not the only ones searching for the diamond.

Throughout the story, we learn about Rashid and his family and some of the tensions Muslim families face in the modern world. We also see how Islamic values can be applied to everyday life.

1 review for Rashid and the Haupmann Diamond by Hasan Radwan

  1. Zaheer Parker

    This was such a wonderfully enlightening and enjoyable read. The authors use of discriptions and detail build the tension needed to sustain a great mystery novel and together with the intermittent humour this book will please everyone in the house. A brilliant addition to the bookshelf.

    What I enjoyed most was how the author made humanised the Muslim character within a realistic context of intermingling with non Muslim school friends and how Rashid uses certain moments to teach using simple prophetic and Quranic quotes. Just beautiful

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