Road to Mecca by Muhammad Asad


Publisher name : Afrika Impressions Media/ Islamic Book Trust
ISBN number : 9789839154122
Author name : Muhammad Asad
Format: Paper back
Pages : 380

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In this extraordinary and beautifully-written autobiography, Asad tells of his initial rejection of all institutional religions, his entree into Taoism, his fascinating travels as a diplomat, and finally his embrace of Islam.

“This is a book about travel and the journey of one man through the geographical roads of the material earth, as well as the intellectual and spiritual odyssey he makes through the hills and plains of his own soul. Both journeys culminate in one place: Mecca – where he stays for some years having found the spiritual and intellectual contentment there which had eluded him in Europe. An interesting and inspiring way to learn more about Islam, in a way especially accessible to Westeners, as the author IS a Westerner who chose to accept the faith of Islam, and is thus able to articulate his faith’s ideals in language understadable by his native Europeans. Also, this book is an alternative to normal introductory texts on Islam, as the basic precepts of the faith are clothed in the narrative discourse of the author’s life himself. A good read, even if only as a book on travel and culture – highly recommended!” Amazon Review


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