The poetic works of Sayyiduna Ali by: Abdullah Ayaz Mullanee


Publisher Name: Al – Nadi Al-Arabi

Format: Paperback
Pages: 174

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History, in all of its glory, very seldom has produced the likes of Sayyidună Alt. He gained early prominence as one of the very first people to accept Islam. He constantly remained at the side of the Rasulullah throughout his life and later served as the fourth Khalifah of Islam.

His legacy was so vast and multifarious that historians have been left baffled till today. Amongst his more recognized accolades is his extreme devoutness and piety, such that to this day, saints hold him as a paragon. He is renowned amongst scholars and judges a like for his legal and judicial wisdom. Though lesser known of his merits, Sayyiduna Ali also had masterful command of the Arabic language and spoke with a stunning eloquence. It is thus unfortunate that he is hardly recognized for his poetry. Every line of poetry that Sayyiduna ‘All composed is laden with wisdom and teaches us important and truthful lessons of life.


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