Women Around the Prophet by: Khalid Muhammad Khalid


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Author:  Khalid Muhammad
Publisher: Claritas
Format: paperback
Pages: 176
ISBN: 1-905837-66-6

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Women Around the Prophet collects the stories of the most important and influential women in Islam. Beginning with the mother of mankind, Hawwa (Eve), and moving through human history until the time of the Prophet Muhammad, this volume also covers the Mothers of the Prophets, the Prophet Muhammad’s wives, his daughters and the most famous of the female Companions.

As an exemplary role model amongst men, the Prophet was considered to be the very best father and husband possible. The most important lessons can be found in the sections detailing these roles.

These biographical snapshots emphasise the strength and faith of these women and the crucial roles they played in the overall development of their society.

1 review for Women Around the Prophet by: Khalid Muhammad Khalid

  1. tasmiyah

    Someone who was enthusiastic about this book gave me the recommendation. The hype was well justified! This book is incredibly useful and wonderfully written. Their experiences are really motivating. I really suggest this book!

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