Al Ghazali – The Proof of Islam (2min Video)

“Imam al-Ghazali was regarded as “Hujjatul Islam” the proof of Islam of the 11th Islamic century and is considered one of the greatest scholars of Islam. He was a courageous academic and did not fear speaking out. In this day and age with all the confusion (and frustrations?) around the different revivalist strands of “islam” within the body of the Ummah, revisiting his teachings will illuminate us as he did centuries ago. “He was the rector of one of the top universities in Baghdad and walked away from this position into the desert, because he felt the ritualism of Islam had to be served by the heart. He felt that everything centers from the heart and the true alchemy in human nature is turning the heart from bad to good.” Given the fact that Imam Ghazali’s works have not been easily accessible to ordinary Muslims, the Al Ghazali Festival in South Africa aims to disseminate the distinguished scholar’s field of study in the simplest of forms. “He would challenge his readers with hypotheses that were quite shocking, but that would make one think and improves one as a human being. In fact, he was one of the master psychologists, in the way that he approached things.”

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