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WATCH: Prof. Yousef Casewit on the

Impact of the Ghazali Project on his Children

Professor Yousef Casewit speaking about the importance of the Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Project and Ghazali’s Ihya’ as a synthesis of Islamic thought.


“Ghazali’s Ihya’ is a one-stop shop for classical Islamic thought and making it accessible to our children is really a massive gift…Thanks to Ghazali, I can communicate with my children in a real way. It’s the ‘tongue of Fitrah’, or the innate disposition of the human being, that Ghazali is able to articulate.”


Assistant Professor of Qur’anic Studies at University of Chicago, Casewit’s interests include the intellectual history of North Africa and al-Andalus, Muslim perceptions of the Bible, and medieval commentaries on the ninety nine divine names. An American born in Egypt and raised in Morocco, he is fluent in Arabic, French and Spanish, and has studied with Muslim scholars in Morocco, Syria, and Mauritania.


#GhazaliShorts is a web series featuring compelling voices of parents, educators and children from around the globe offering perspectives on the the Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s project.
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WATCH: GHAZALI WORKSHOPS: Activities for the Books of Knowledge and Purity

Manal Al Hadidi, Beverly Hills Academy. An Islamic Montessori (Michigan, USA); Teaching 1st, 2nd and 5th grades.
GHAZALI WORKSHOPS – A series of practical training videos for teachers & parents filmed in Ghazali Pilot Schools around the world. Modules for pre-school through teens.
The Ghazali Children’s Project aims to help support entire communities of Muslim parents, teachers, and children in realizing how to live by and embody the noble Prophetic character through self-observation and correction. The series aims to provide authentic, quality guidance through Ghazali’s systematic approach for developing virtuous character.
As a community, we owe much to Fons Vitae for bringing this Series to fruition. Let the transformation begin!” – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
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