An opportunity to refocus, renew and restart within your daily routine using a tool we have designed to assist you in getting closer to Allah through your day, bi-ithnillah.

The Minimal Daily Planner Notepad 2.0.

An updated version with :
1.A separate daily task list for a day of purpose
2.A comprehensive list of Salaahs
3.Gratitude of 5 things daily, making you look deeper than the standard practice of three things we are accustomed to
4.A fun healthy living section to keep track of the habits we need in our daily life
5.A list of spiritual habits, to ground your day

*This is an undated 100-page planner, so no day goes wasted.
* It’s easy enough to carry with you or to tear off the number of pages you require, to keep striving towards Allah even during your holidays. Bi-ithnillah.


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