Productive Muslim South Africa Workshop & Book Tour Press Release

Productive Muslim South Africa Workshop & Book Tour

with International Speaker, Author, Coach Mohammed Faris (USA)

Baitul Hikmah proudly announces the upcoming Productive Muslim South Africa Workshop Book Tour to be conducted by Mohammed Faris (USA) from 30 August to 9 September in South Africa.

Mohammed Faris is the founder & CEO of The Productive Muslim Company – a training and coaching company that harnesses the spiritual tradition of the Islam with cutting edge productivity research to boost spiritual, physical, and social productivity among Muslim Professionals globally. He is an international speaker, author and executive coach who delivers practical and inspiring workshops & seminars around the world. He has over a million followers online and in 2014 he was listed as one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre of     Jordan.

For the first time, Mohammed Faris will conduct his award-winning workshops in South Africa. If you’re wondering if there is a practical way to lead a productive lifestyle that combines the best of Islamic tradition and modern psychology and science, then attend one of these workshops that are to be held in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. He will be conducting two workshops in each city:

  • The Productive Muslim Workshop: is primarily based on his best-selling book the Productive Muslim book. This is suitable for the general community (15 years+).
  • The Barakah Effect: This goes deep in the concept of Barakah and gives practical tools and advice on how to attract Barakah in one’s life and business. It’s primarily targeting businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and professionals.


Combining his love for Islam with modern productivity techniques, Mohammed Faris will teach you:

  • How spirituality can boost your productivity.
  • How to manage your sleep, nutrition and fitness.
  • How to manage your focus in an age of distraction
  • How to build powerful habits and routines.
  • The link between Barakah and Productivity.


For more information about the workshop, details, and to get your ticket visit or call 031 207 3871.



Please find below tentative programme:




(30th August – 9th September 2019)


Johannesburg & Pretoria

30th August


8:30-12 noon–          PM Workshop

Al Ghazali College Pretoria

30th August


7:30 pm-

10:00 pm

–          Barakah Effect Workshop  (CANCELLED)

     Al Ghazali College Pretoria

31st August


9am -4:30 pm–          Productive Muslim workshop

    Johannesburg – Qurtuba Islamic Academy



6th September


8-9.30 pm–          Barakah Effect Workshop

–           Suleman Lockhat Auditorium

7th September


8:30am-4:00 pm–          Productive Muslim workshop

Venue: Al Ansaar Hall


Cape Town

8th September


9:30a.m-4:00pm–          Productive Muslim workshop

Islamia Auditorium

9th September


8-9.30 pm–          Barakah Effect Workshop

Islamia Auditorium





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2 thoughts on “Productive Muslim South Africa Workshop & Book Tour Press Release

  1. khatija Essack says:

    pls send me more information regarding the workshop on 07/09/19 in Durban.

  2. Hashim says:

    Muslims are reminded to read the 99 names of Allah daily.
    This is the instruction from Allah in the Quran himself.
    Islamic Radio Stations too have been neglecting this practise.

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